Pharmacy Online 365 Legit? – This Shop’s Credibility is in Questions

Is Pharmacy Online 365 legit? is a web platform offering discussions on the medicines featured on the platform. This website claims to be not exactly an online store—and yes, this website does not have any prices available for its product lineup. However, it is striking that leads to a website—more like a clone site with the actual product prices. redirects consumers to “”, a website that looks the same as the Pharmacy Online 365 site but with more details available.

The website I was redirected to had more information than may have had sections like “pharmacy reviews”, “policies”, “FAQ”, “blog”, and others, but this platform does not have anything written in these sections. The other website,, on the other hand, had information available for these sections. However, the site does not still disclose where it operates from or where it sources its medications from—something that I am dubious about. Good online pharmacies are often proud of their history and where they come from, so I find it disturbing that Pharmacyonline365 did not write anything about its origin or location.

The assortment of the Pharmacyonline365 websites included medicines for anxiety, erectile dysfunction, weight loss, pain, and several others. Pharmacy Online 365 did not state where the medicines come from and did not state their manufacturers, so the products here have questionable effectiveness and safety for the buyers, and may not even be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. As for the prescription status of the medicines, patients can purchase any drug they want in the store even without providing the prescriptions for the products. Although convenient, this leniency when it comes to dispensing medications can endanger the patients since they are in a danger to self-medicate.

Medicines sold at are not really cheap—the minimum purchase costs more than $100 for various medicines. For instance, the minimum purchase amount for Cialis at is $169 and the minimum purchase amount for Viagra is $119—this means that consumers can’t do test orders at this store without spending more than $100. This is highly unlike the good shops that allow consumers to purchase a starting amount of $10 or more to allow them to gauge the consumers first.

As for the payment options, this online drugstore allows buyers to use their VISA and MasterCard credit cards for their purchases but also encourages BTC and Western Union payments. Shipping fee is a staggering $29 on all orders regardless of location—a rip-off price compared to the usual $9.95 charged by reputable drugstores.

Pharmacy Online 365 Reviews

To help me determine Pharmacy Online 365 legitimacy, I tried searching for online reports mentioning this web drugstore. I was able to find consumer comments for the shop, but instead of affirming Pharmacy Online 365’s credibility, the third-party website comments for this shop were debilitating to its standing:

Three consumers, whose comments were posted between 2014-2017 were all negative about Pharmacy Online 365’s service. Joyce Perry, who posted her review in July 2014, urged other consumers to stay away from Pharmacy Online 365 and stated that the website was a “rip off”.

Another client, Peter Tzimas, also wrote a negative comment for Pharmacy Online 365 on February 2016, stating that this website’s operators were “thieves”. He did not exactly state how Pharmacy Online 365 ripped him off, but he said that Pharmacy Online 365 is a crooked site and does not deserve the buyers’ trust.

Dave Angel, the customer with the most recent comment for Pharmacy Online 365 (posted his review on May 2017), mentioned that Pharmacy Online 365 stole his payment on March 29, 2017, and after taking his payment, the shop never responded to his calls and emails.

To further assess the status of Pharmacy Online 365, I used a domain-checking platform, Scam Adviser, to see what this site’s algorithm makes of Pharmacy Online 365’s domain. Here’s the result I got from the website, so far:

image3 1 Source:

According to his assessment, the store Pharmacy Online 365 had a low trust rating and “may not be safe to use”. The overall score for Pharmacy Online 365 from Scam Adviser is 0/100 because the website was identified as a “rogue” online pharmacy with identified reports of malware from clients. Apart from having a low trust score, this online drugstore also hides its actual website location using an “anonymous service”. Scam Adviser also determines that this shop is operating from a high-risk country and has a number of high-risk websites associated with its domain.

 Source: https://www


To further establish the results I have obtained from Scam Adviser, I also used the site to evaluate the website’s integrity and I got similar results from the analysis. According to Scamner, the overall grade of the shop was only 1% despite being detected as a store with nearly 4 years of experience in selling medicines. Also, this store was identified to have a missing SSL certificate and has no trust records available online.


Is Pharmacy Online 365 legit? I don’t think so—this store had comments from dissatisfied customers through the years and also had poor scores from web analysis platforms like Scam Adviser and Scamner. Scam Adviser gave a 0% trust rating for the shop, while the store had an equally low score from Scamner—only 1% out of 100. Both websites determined that Pharmacy Online 365 is not advisable to use for online drug purchases, and I think that this website is not reliable as well. My score for this shop: 2 out of 5.

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