Is Pharmacy Online 365 Legit? – A Deceptive Store Putting Customers at Risk

Is Pharmacy Online 365 Legit

Is Pharmacy Online 365 legit? Is this online drugstore what it portrays itself to be? There are some rumors surrounding this website but let us first take a look at its background and check everything that it offers.

Pharmacy Online 365 was established back in 2012 and continues to operate up to this day, offering medicines online to customers around the world. Its origins were not mentioned on the website or any information was given as to where the domain is being operated from but it continues to operate anyway, with unidentified sources and unspecified background.

It is unlike its other online counterparts, as Pharmacy Online 365 only offers partial options for customers, limited only to drugs for treating ADHD (Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder), Anxiety, Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Muscle Relaxants, Weight Loss, Pain Relief, Sleeping Aids and Cigarette quitting. Its ED drugs are only down to three options which are Viagra, Cialis and Levitra which were also unspecified if they are generic drugs or not. But since these medicines are very much cheaper than their branded equivalents, these ED drugs must be generic. The branded Viagra 100mg costs $72 USD per tablet in the market today, Cialis 20mg is $41 USD per tablet and Levitra 20mg $50 USD, a lot expensive versus Pharmacy Online 365’s generic Viagra which is only for only $3.96, Cialis for $4.30 and Levitra for $4.96 per tablet. Still, Pharmacy Online 365’s generics are much more expensive than other online drugstores, selling for as low as $1 USD per tablet of generic Viagra.

Concerning the safety of using these drugs, Pharmacy Online 365 assures customers that their products are FDA-approved, meaning they have come from excellent manufacturers with the certification of World Health Organization. For the generic medicines to be approved by FDA, it means that they have passed the strict quality standards that require them to be exactly as effective and as potent as their brand equals. In other words, if the generic medicines sold by Pharmacy Online 365 are indeed approved by the FDA, they are of best quality and good for use.

Payment is easy in Pharmacy Online 365 as it accepts four types of payments. Aside from VISA and MasterCard, BitCoin and Western Union Money Transfer payments are also accepted. These two new payment types are given outright 20% discount on all purchases, allowing customers to save more and get more value for their money.

Shipping of orders in Pharmacy Online 365 is only through standard or regular shipping which is an additional $29 on top of each order. Estimated time of arrival for orders is after 10 to 18 days anywhere in the world. Unlike other online pharmacies who offer free shipping to customers for orders exceeding a certain amount, Pharmacy Online 365 charges the shipping fee regardless of the amount of the order, no matter how big.

Refunds are only given by Pharmacy Online 365 to customers who have received defective products, orders damaged during delivery and products that were delivered expired. For the first condition, reshipment can also be an option for the customer. For orders that have not arrived, Pharmacy Online 365 did not mention any option for reshipment or refund but customers can contact them for further inquiries.

According to, Pharmacy Online 365 is not a legitimate drugstore but a rogue website:


This kind of rating from a trusted source should be taken seriously especially when the warning is on websites that can potentially put a customer’s bank details to risk or compromise personal details which may result to identity theft. Nowhere on the website was it mentioned that Pharmacy Online 365 has partnered with trusted Security platforms such as Norton or Avast to provide customers extra peace of mind with their shopping by giving them shopping guarantees just in case something happens. Pharmacy Online 365 might appear OK on the outside but it’s not as secure as it should be and there’s always the risk of endangering the confidential information of the customers.

Another fraud-checking website unrelated to the has also given Pharmacy Online 365 failing marks on its trust rating. On the scale of 100, has given Pharmacy Online 365 a 0% safety grade, branding it a high-risk website:

Scamadviser has detected that Pharmacy Online 365 is coming from Panama but there’s also a chance that it is being operated from Russia. For the duration of the time that it was established it was only visited 1627 times, a very low traffic for a website that has been running now for 5 years. And for a website that sells medicine worldwide, its surprising to know that after 5 years it’s only worth $984.38.


Pharmacy Online 365 is a website that online shoppers should steer away from as it is a potentially dangerous place to conduct transactions because of the safety risks it poses. It has had no real customer reviews ever since it was established and two different websites have both rated it negatively. Both and found out that it is a rogue internet pharmacy operating from either Panama or Russia, with 0% safety rating. It was also visited only for few occasions on its duration as an online drugstore for 5 years. Rating is a 2 out of 5, it is a deceptive store putting customers at risk.

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