March 22, 2018

Pharmacy Online 365 – A Drugstore With No Reviews

Pharmacy Online 365 – A Drugstore With No Reviews

Pharmacy Online 365 is an online drugstore providing medicines at affordable prices. Unlike other drugstores with a wide assortment of products, Pharmacy Online 365 only sells medicines for weight loss, pain relief, anti-anxiety, erectile dysfunction, muscle relaxants, sleeping aids and ADHD. It was established last 2012 and has been operating now for 5 years. There is no available information as to the websites’ location or its country of origin but it offers two hotlines for the US and the UK, one for each, to cater for the customer’s concerns.

In its erectile dysfunction category, it only sells three brands which are Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate), Cialis (Tadalafil) and Levitra (Vardenafil). It was not made clear in Pharmacy Online 365’s page whether these drugs are generic versions of the brand or the branded ones itself but because their prices are a lot cheaper compared to the popular brands in the market today, these must be generic versions of their branded counterparts. The price of branded 100mg Viagra currently fetches for up to $72 USD per tablet, branded Cialis 20mg is for $41 USD and $50 USD for branded Levitra 20mg, which is quite expensive and impractical to be honest, for these are not life-saving drugs but medications that are only being used for improving men’s sexual health diminished by erectile dysfunction. In purchasing medications for ED, it’s always wise to go generics because aside from saving a lot of money, they work just as good as the brand-name drugs.

The products that Pharmacy Online 365 sells are FDA-approved, passing the strict quality tests and meticulous standards that the USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) enforces for products entering the USA. For the generic medicines to be approved, FDA requires them to have the exact same formulation and action of its brand equivalent, making the generic and the brand equals when it comes to quality. This fact should now break the long-held misconception of many that generics are inferior to the brand-names. The expensive price of the brand-names may make it appear that they are better, but the truth is they are no different to affordable generics when it comes to efficacy.

Ordering from Pharmacy Online 365 is easy because it accepts four payment methods which are VISA, MasterCard, BitCoin and via the Western Union. For customers who will pay using BitCoin and Western Union money transfer, Pharmacy Online 365 will give an extra 20% price off or discount on the purchases. The prices of products also get discounted as the number of purchase increases. The more medicines the customers buy from Pharmacy Online 365, the bigger the discounts they will get.

Delivery of orders are worldwide and are sent via Airmail. An additional fee of $29 USD is charged on top of each order whatever the amount, as Pharmacy Online 365 doesn’t offer any free shipping even in large amounts of purchases. The delivery time for standard shipping takes 14 to 21 business days but also offers an express shipping option that can only take from 7 to 14 business days. Though express shipping was mentioned, it is not clear as to how much the fee will be since the only fee mentioned is for standard shipping.

Pharmacy Online 365 only guarantees full refunds for customers who will receive faulty products, expired products and orders that were damaged during the shipping. Orders that did not arrive are also subject to refunds but a free of charge reshipment is also available for this occasion. Customers who have concerns about their purchases or have some issues with their orders should notify Pharmacy Online 365 immediately, as this online drugstore only provides refunds for complaints within 60 days from the shipment date.

No live chat is available for Pharmacy Online 365 at the moment but they offer a correspondence-type of email support for customers who do not have phone lines. But for US and UK customers, Pharmacy Online 365 has provided hotlines that are available 24/7 for customer service.

Pharmacy Online 365 Reviews

No website reviews are available at the moment for Pharmacy Online 365 so there’s no way of knowing if this website is really what it says it is. Either no customer has provided any feedbacks or this is a brand-new website that has just started out, we do not know. Information from says this website is not reliable for its lack of reviews. It would be wise to observe it for now and wait for reviews just to be safe.

Pharmacy Online 365 Reviews 2017

Below are some checks made on Pharmacy Online 365 from fraud-detecting websites:

Scamadviser has rated Pharmacy Online 365 as a site that’s not safe to use due to its low trust ratings. On the scale of 100, it has only scored 14 which is very low. The website also says that Pharmacy Online 365 has location issues as the domain is located in Switzerland but may also be from Belgium.

According to, is a rogue online pharmacy and from the word itself it cannot be trusted:

This check was made for pharmacyonline365

This check was made for and is also showing that the website is unsafe. It is better to follow these cautions than to risk personal and bank information by ordering from a site with is not guaranteed safe.

Pharmacy Online 365 Coupon Codes

Apart from the other discounts that Pharmacy Online 365 is offering, customers are also offered coupon codes that can be used for additional price-offs:

image2A hefty 20% price-off of the order amount is also offered to customers who will be using BitCoin and Western Union as payment which can be a lifesaver when it comes to savings

A hefty 20% price-off of the order amount is also offered to customers who will be using BitCoin and Western Union as payment which can be a lifesaver when it comes to savings. If customers want to know more about these payment types, they can simply click the link for more information. Discounts for returning customers were also not mentioned on the website so there must be no other discounts apart from these promotions available.


Pharmacy Online 365 is a decent online drugstore when it comes to its structure and its policies. The website itself is easy to use and navigate and customers will never get lost and will find it very easy to browse around. The only issues are its lack of reviews from actual customers and its bad ratings in fraud-checking websites. Since it can’t yet be verified 100% even for the lack of negative reviews, Pharmacy Online rates 2 out of 5.

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